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Something about Karen Geh

Something about Karen Geh…….

I started running 3 years ago (28 June 2009)  Standard chartered KL marathon was my very first run.  I took part in the 10km race.  I don#039;t run and I don#039;t know why I can agreed to allow my friends to register me for this race.  Two weeks before race day, I remembered hopping onto the treadmill and ran for an hour.  Out of breath and suffering when I completed an hours run.  When I checked the distance covered on the treadmill, i was so disappointed to know I only ran 5km within that hour.  I thought “Gosh, to complete 10km means 2 full hours on the road”.

Fear not Karen, go for the race as you will never know if you don#039;t try.  I arrived in KL the day before the race. I was introduced to 2XU triathlon tops by a few friends of mine.  I tried it on and I loved it.  Loved the tri-tops, the singlet and the compression pants.  I purchase the tops, my very first 2 pieces of 2XU garment.  It looks so good on me. I figured if I can#039;t run fast, I might as well look good while I am running slow ;-) .

The mornig of my very first race.  Feeling nervous as ever, worried as ever, but was happy to know I am looking good.  Haha.  Bang! Goes the gun and here we go.  I ran and ran, and to my surprised I finished the race within an hour, came in 35 placing under women category.  That wonderful feeling when I crossed the finishing line, that feeling of accomplishment knowing I completed a race, makes me want more.  My wanting more took me slight over board. I registered for my very first full marathon (42km) in Dec 2009.  Not knowing what to expect from a full marathon I blindly registered and ran the race.  At 25km mark point, I hated myself so much for even considering to do a full marathon.  The tought of my kids, their smile, their love, are those things that kept me going for the remaining 17km. I finished the race in 4:37.  I told myself no more. No more runs and no more races.  Only if that#039;s true ;-)

KL Standard chartered 10km race marks my running anniversary.  Regardless of what#039;s what, I always run that race.  Year 2010 I came in 3rd for the women 10km run, 2nd placing during 2011, and 3rd placing for 2012.

2nd full marathon in Gold Coast Australia


I did my 2nd full marathon in Gold Coast Australia in July 2011, clocking a time of 4:07.  I did not enjoy that run.  It route was too flat.  It became boring after a while.  Not only that I suffered from hunger attacks when I reached 28km mark up.  I made the silliest miskate ever and that was I carried nothing with me during the race.  Therefore, I only managed to fuel up when I was given energy gels at 30km mark up.  Being hungry while running a full marathon is the worst thing any runner can feel, not forgetting I ran past many supportred that had food on their hands and in their mouth!  Again, I told myself no more full marathon when I crossed the finishing line!

Year 2011 was my year.  I took part in 16 races and won 15 of it.  I always believe in this principal: Its not about winning.  It#039;s more about doing the race and completing it, and should I win, that will be an added bonus :-).  I run with a free mind and free heart, and by doing it this was I am always amazed with the results I achieved


How MyTriathlonshop start…


Over these years, 2XU has become part of my life.  Every single race I ran, every single training I did, I was always in my 2XU apparel.  The comfort and the results it warrants while wearing it makes me want more.  Over the years I ended up owning a full wardrobe of 2XU apparels, not to mention I was also constantly consulted by friends before they make their purchases of 2XU products.






















Why Hammer Nutrition? 

Hammer Nutrition Fuels Energy Drinks are the building bloc best online casinos canada

ks for my personal fitness success. Hammer fuels contain only ingredients that promote healthy steady energy production. None of their products contain any added simple sugar, artificial flavours or colorings, or any questionable, fad, or unproven ingredients.  By far, to me, this the only brand that guarantees result and does not leave me with stomach discomfort.
















Why Inov-8 shoes? 

Last year when I ran the KL standard Chartered 10km run, my doctor told me that should be my last run. It amount of pain and injury I am getting and the starin I am putting on my knees have reach an alarming level that if I continue any further I am sure to snap a ligament.  For the love of running how I can ever stop.  I was given strict instructions to rest and recover.  I did just that and I was miserable. Miserable for waking up everyday knowing I can do a run that day :-(

Finally one morning I asked myself, am I going to be miserable or am I going to do something about it?  I bought magazines and I read up, I went online and I goggled different brand names of sport shoes, read the reviews and finally decided on giving Inov-8 a try.  I flew all the way to Singapore to buy my very first pair of Inov-8 shoes. Inov-8 my first step into making the transition into natural running.

Immediately I noticed my running style changes.  I#039;ll land more on the forefoot and less on the heel.  Running naturally is associated with fewer acute and chronic injuries to the ankle and lower limbs.  After thousands of years of evolution, the human foot is perfectly adapted to accommodate variations in terrain and, with each step, changes its mechanical characteristics from a flexible platform to a rigid propulsive lever.  Inov-8#039;s philosophy is to design products around the natural biomechanics of the human body.  Putting the foot closer to the ground allows it to do what it does best and helps every runner to develop a natural efficient running style.

Minimalist running shoes have less cushioning, no support and are always neutral allowing your feet to function as though they were barefoot.  However, if you suddenly change from cushioned footwear to minimalist footwear you are likely to get injured due to the new stresses on your body.  I have learnt that developing a more natural running style required a gradual transition between increasingly minimalist shoes.  Inov-8 is the only brand that gradually transitions a runner by developing shoes with step-by-step decreasing levels of heel to toe drop, so that a runner can make a safe and injury free transition to minimalist shoes.

Inov-8 works for me.  My injury lessens, my running style improved and generally I feel good after a run. No heel pain, no soreness on the sole of my foot and most importantly all those old injuries went away!





Why MTS?

The idea of opening a retail shop came from my husband.  He felt I am in that position to give good advice to athletes.  My shop only carries those brands I#039;m using.  I do not believe in sharing something I#039;ve not use before with a client.  When they visit my store, I always engorge them to try on the apparels and shoes.  Most people, end up getting the incorrect fitting for both apparels and shoes.  I am not afraid to share my knowledge.  It#039;s important to be in the correct size to feel good and perform well.  Product knowledge sharing, sharing from personal experiences, and sharing what others shared to me are those things I do on a daily basis at my shop.

My Triathlon Shop carries 3 main brands, 2XU as apparels, Hammer Nutrition as sports nutrition, and Inov-8 shoes.  My products cater for athletes that are into swimming, cycling, running and or gym.

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