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Events – Lion Dash

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Do you have the heart of a lion?

Lion Dash is a challenging obstacle course race with 10+ obstacles, mud, barbed wire, ice and more! In addition to manmade obstacles, you will have to battle through some of the most rugged terrain in Penang we could fine.

Lion Dash is designed to take runners out of their comfort zone and throw them into a new and challenging adventure that many have not experienced before. This is not road running or even trail running, this is obstacle racing, the next level of running events. Are you ready for the challenge?

Date / Time: 6.45 am on 18th January 2015

Venue: Taman Rekreasi Kuari, Penang

Lion Dash is based on a wave format, which means only 500 participants will be released in every 15 minutes. The cut-off time given will be 4 hours. All runners are advised to be at the Start Line 30 minutes before his or her chosen wave time.

Flag off time will be ….6.45am, 7.00am, 7.15am and 7.30am