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Karen Geh

Who I am today started 3 years ago when I participated in my very first run, a 10km run in the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon. Never in my life had I done any form of running, and I figured I had to build that confidence in myself. Since then I like leading an active life and I am committed to moving my body everyday because I love how it makes me feel.

My very first run MOTIVATED me to embrace a healthier lifestyle. The passion I’ve develop towards running and sports TRANSFORMED me into a better athlete, wife and mother.

It’s pretty clear that I always believed in the apparels I wear and nutrition I consume. The brands I carry on me and within me, they are very much part of my daily active lifestyle. As modern athletes, what we wear and the way we choose to present ourselves reveals so much about our attitudes, beliefs and personalities.

When I wear those brands I carry, I am telling the world I value health and fitness, and that I am positive and energetic and determined to live my best life through active living. With all this put together, today I SHINE. I am blessed to wake up every morning feeling energized, happy and raring to go because I truly love the life I have created for myself.

My hope is for you to allow me to motivate you to be active, inspire you to transform and hopefully shine with energy to live your best life.

Where fashion meets sports, I am constantly inspired to encourage the modern athletes to embrace themselves into fashion forward activewear that enhances and optimizes their performance. It is a journey worth venturing into.

Motivate, Transform, Shine!

These 3 pillars are the strength behind My Triathlon shop.